At Vault Pipelines, it is a firm belief that the most valuable assets in this world are people. This not only includes workforce but customers, competitors and fellow community members. Vault Pipelines is committed to a way of thinking that promotes people’s health, livelihood and personal development. We believe it is not about making money, it is about changing the lives of people for the better.  Through caring for those close to us and exercising philanthropy for others, we are able to develop the culture we require to be successful.


“People are the key to success”


The evolution and success of Vault Pipelines is a direct result of the culture we promote and portray.  By prioritizing the care of our coworkers, clients and competitors, we can provide a safer, more productive workforce who are engaged at work and happier in their home life. Through an emphasis on doing the right thing no matter what, Vault Pipelines believes we can make a difference and enhance people’s way of thinking.


“Culture is the greatest measure of an organization’s strength”


Vault Pipelines is committed to creating and maintaining a reputation as the most sought after service provider and employer in its field.  Through diligent dedication to its clients and people, Vault Pipelines will prove itself as both an expert and innovator.  With an innovative team of experts that possess the knowledge, ability and experience, Vault’s vision to evolve the industry into the future will become a reality.


“Building a reputation by helping others build theirs”


Vault Pipelines believes that every complex task can be made simple which is paramount to operating an efficient business. When implemented properly, this approach produces impressive upside within every aspect of operations. Vault’s team of experienced individuals is equipped to challenge, reduce and eliminate unnecessary complexity while still ensuring compliance.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”


At the centre of Vault Pipelines culture is results. It is widely recognized that results are what influence and motivate businesses and people alike. With an emphasis on achieving exceptional results for its clients and workforce, Vault Pipelines will form prosperous and long lasting partnerships. It is with this goal in mind that Vault Pipelines is proud to partner with those equally focused on results as they pertain to the safety of individuals, quality of workmanship and client satisfaction.


“Results Matter”


Vault Pipelines believes that respect for oneself, those around them and their working environment is a fundamental principal in achieving the desired results. This extends beyond the workplace and includes contributions individuals and organizations make to the world around them.  By building confidence and trust with one another, respect will develop and always be honored.


“Respect is what we owe; Respect is what we give”