Vault’s expectations are no incidents and no injuries, no matter how minor. We take seriously our responsibility to keep each other and the public safe on our jobs. Nothing is more important to our core values. We take accountability for ourselves, our co-workers, project partners and the public surrounding our jobsites.

When it comes to protecting our employees, collaboration between our craft and staff is expected and necessary to prevent safety incidents.

Our employees take an active role in creating a safe workplace. Safety training, observation programs and job hazard analyses are just some of the tools and procedures we use companywide to help employees prevent incidents from ever occurring.

Vault believes that exceptional safety comes from doing the right thing when no one is looking and caring about your own and others’ well-being. Vault has foregone employing HSE advisors in the field and instead opts for Supervisors that either have their NCSO designation or are actively pursuing it. Empowering craft has created a culture of caring that continues to yield positive results.

Vault is committed to creating a safe and manageable work area for all individuals working on its worksites, facilities and offices. Vault is also dedicated to protecting and maintaining the health and safety of all visitors by ensuring they are properly orientated and supervised.

Vault management is responsible and committed to ensuring that workers receive the appropriate level of training through programs and access to proper equipment required to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Workers and subcontractors shall be aware of and comply with all relevant Health & Safety Legislation, safe work practices and procedures and always work with concern for the safety of others. Our people’s right to a safe work environment is fully affirmed by Vault Management and will provide access to any and all applicable Legislation so each individual has readily available information while at all work sites.

Vault is committed to being a leader in our field, maintaining a proactive attitude in safety, the environment and client relations. We have developed our Health & Safety together with all levels of our staff to promote relevance and overall value to all stakeholders. Our Health & Safety Program will be reviewed annually and constantly monitored to meet ongoing needs of both our people and Clients.

Vault mandates compliance with all applicable federal, provincial, and local regulations and standers. If at any time there is a discrepancy between the requirements of our Health & Safety Program and the applicable Legislation, the higher standard shall take precedence that all workers will understand.