Oil Sands FFT Surge Pond

  • Procurement and installation of 28″ and 30″ carbon steel piping and associated valves
  • Additions to an existing structural pipe rack, as well as installation of piles, supports, guides, and anchors
  • Final tie-in of the system was performed in a time constraint plant shutdown window

Whitefish First Nation Water Treatment Facility

  • Installation of 1275m of piping system as part of community WWTP upgrade
  • Included directional drilling, mainline fusing, valve and flange install, tie-ins, and hydro testing

Manitoba Line 3 Replacement

  • Procurement, fabrication, and installation of facility piping between 2” and 36” diameter
  • Shop fabrication of structural steel components
  • Installation of structural steel supports and platforms
  • Also includes mainline pipe welding, pump and valve installation, insulation, painting & coating, and hydro testing

Victoria Waste Water Treatment Undergrounds

  • Installation of various underground piping systems for the Victoria waste water treatment plant.
  • The various systems included materials such as HOBAS, PVC, HDPE and Ductile Glass lined.
  • Installation activities on site included civil excavations for all piping works, piping installation and hydrotesting of installed piping.