Our Utility Welding Division is capable of preforming all types of fabrication and repairs on heavy equipment in the mining industry.

Welding on worn out equipment poses many challenges as dirt, moisture and other organics that often get embedded into the parent metal which can lessen the quality of the finished weld. Our welders must be on top of there game and there is no margin for error.

The material being repaired must be cleaned properly, brought up to the correct preheat and welded with multi-pass stringers which produce a better grain structure in the weld.

The main reason Vault stands out from the rest of the competition is we hire Owner-Operators meaning we just don’t employ any welder. We hire DSP’s that own their own welding business and have a minimum 3 years experience welding on mining/forestry equipment. We want contractors who specialize in equipment repair and are very knowledgeable in the field so when it come to diagnosing the problem and how to complete the repair properly our guys jump into action.

In short, We hire the best of the best.