• Direct to mill capabilities

  • Logistics, delivery and storage

  • Quality Assurance and Audit


  • CWB Fabrication (47.1/59.1)

  • Pressure Vessels & Piping (B31.3/31.1)

  • Transmission Piping (Z662)

  • Coating, painting and finishing

  • Secure facility with quick access to all Oil Sands sites


  • Facilities Process Piping

  • Elevated Platform Rack Piping

  • EPCM support

  • Above and below ground pipelines (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Iracore and HDPE)

  • Various types of non-destructive examination and testing including hydro-test

  • Miscellaneous structural welding (anchors, guides, etc.)


  • Offering steady-state solutions to fabricate, install, inspect, repair and replace pipelines

  • Specializing in carbon steel, stainless steel, iracore and CCO

  • Planning, scheduling and loss prevention assistance

  • Integrity, wear resistance and cost savings solutions provider