Trained welding staff available days and nights for long term equipment welding maintenance and repair. The ability to integrate Vault welding personnel directly with your group, allowing participation in your safety program and seamless integration with your team. This model offers significant benefits such as increased and consistent level of communication, eliminated overheads, and direct delivery of safety concerns, production priorities, schedule updates etc.

We offer a full line of equipment welding repair services;

– Ice Lugging/Corking – Our team of trained welding professionals can service all of the oilsands locations. We offer efficient service to get your machine back working quickly, without sacrificing quality. We offer this service at a flat rate, which is unique to the industry.

– General Equipment Welding Repair –  We offer a wide range of general welding repairs on equipment. Cracks, handrail repair, bucket repairs and rebuilds are amongst a few of the services we provide. Our portable welding machines equipped with air for gouging and wire feeders provide fast and efficient welding repairs in the field.